Why do I need to create an account? 

LiSTNR requires you to create an account to provide a personalised app and listening experience and to communicate with you (when we need to). We ask you to select your favourite live or on-demand audio content when you onboard with LiSTNR, making it easier for you to pick up from where you left off each time you choose to listen.

In order to keep LiSTNR free to use and to continue producing great content for our users, we also use some of the data you provide to show you relevant advertising. 

How is the data you collect about me used by LiSTNR?

Email Address 

Your email address is used as a secure way of identifying you and your account. You can log in, make changes to your LiSTNR account and reset your password. 

We also use this information to communicate with you where necessary, to provide you with updates about upcoming podcasts or other additional information relevant to you and for advertising purposes.

Your Name

Your name is collected so that we are able formally address you if we need to contact or communicate with you about your account. 

If you do not wish to provide your real name, you may instead use a nickname.


Providing your postcode helps us to optimise your listening experience by showing you relevant content in your area, including local news and radio shows. We may also use your postcode to show relevant advertising in your area. 

Date of Birth

Your date of birth helps us serve you age-appropriate content and to provide a more personalised ad experience.

Note:* You must be 13 years or older to create a LiSTNR account. 


Providing your gender or who you identify as helps to know who we're making our content for and to provide recommendations to our listeners to discover content they love. It also means we can deliver more tailored advertising to you. 

LiSTNR has the following identifiers to choose from:

  • Male;
  • Female;
  • Non-Binary/I use a different term
  • Prefer not to say

For more information about how LiSTNR and SCA collect, handle and disclose your personal information, including how you can access and correct the information we hold about you, please read our Information Collection Statement and Privacy Policy